The level design of ‘God of War’

DAVIS Rob Lead Level Designer

19 décembre 2018
18h - 19h

God of War is a massive project with a huge development schedule and many complex pieces. However, behind all of this is a core set of design rules that can be applied to designs of all shapes and sizes. Step through the level design of Thalmur’s Frozen Corpse and explore the core design techniques that are used in God of War’s pacing, layouts and puzzles. par DAVIS Rob

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Rob is an Australian designer living and working in Los Angeles.
He got his start at Krome Studios and Pandemic Brisbane before moving overseas to explore game development at Microsoft Games and Sony Santa Monica.
Most recently he was the Lead Level Designer on God of War for PS4.

About Sony Santa Monica

Santa Monica Studio, LLC is an American first-party video game developer and part of SIE Worldwide Studios, which is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, known for developing the God of War series. It is based in Los Angeles, California and was established in 1999.