How personality can help anticipate player preferences

Emmanuelle Marévéry - UX/CX & Audience Specialist at Asmodee

18 décembre 2019
10h45 - 11h30

Personality can impact player decisions. How can we measure it and use it to choose features and take design and art decisions ? We will see how a psychometric approach and data can help predict and anticipate player reactions.

Emmanuelle Marévéry is a User and Customer Experience Specialist for the Asmodee Group. She started her career as a product engineer and packaging manager at Decathlon for 6 years, where she discovered the world of User Experience. She decided to go back to university to study psychology, before joining Ubisoft as a UX specialist. At the same time, she also started working as a UX consultant, helping companies and giving conferences, which she continues to do today, in parallel of her work at Asmodee.