Embodiment in VR for entertainment

CLAVIER Maud Business Developper

18 décembre 2018
13h30 - 14h30

What is embodiment? What are the different techniques to embody a fictionnal character? After those general reflections, we willpresent the project Sing Inside by Clap & Zap Production, a VR game in wich we can embody our idol on stage. par CLAVIER Maud
Clap & Zap>clapzap.com

Maud Clavier has been active in the 360 ° / VR video world in France since 2015. 
At the time, she was the CEO and founder of Clap & Zap, a company creating immersive content mainly for brands. 
Wishing to collaborate with external companies and to be a creative director, she leaves her structure in early 2018 to become a freelancer as a line producer, director and business developper.

About Clap & Zap

Established at the Plaine Image in Tourcoing since 2016, Clap & Zap production has made strategic partnerships with complementary companies working on spatialized sound, special effects, a VR web player, augmented reality. 
The company therefore has all the technological experience necessary to achieve any challenge. 
Since 2018, Clap & Zap has taken a new turn with Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes as the CEO of the company: It is on a new project that allows you to be in the skin of your idol and perform on stage: Sing Inside VR!