We Don’t Understand The Computer as a Medium of Expression


18 décembre 2018
17h - 18h

While we have achieved grand things using the computer as a tool for creating expressions in traditional fields such as graphics, animation, cinema, music, and literature, we have spectacularly failed to utilize the computer itself as a medium of expression. The solution to this problem is to stop perceiving reality as a collection of objects and start perceiving it as a system of processes. par CRAWFORD Chris



Chris Crawford has designed and built 14 computer games. He ran games research at Atari in 1983. He wrote the first book on computer game design. He wrote and published the first periodical on game design. He founded the Game Developers Conference and ran it for the its first years. He has written five published books, many articles and papers for periodicals, and lectured all over the world on the problems of game design. He has built a technology for interactive storytelling.