The Power of real-time collaborative filmmaking And Workshop : Create a short movie with others in real-time and watch it live on your phone !

Jean-Colas PRUNIER Founder and Product Architect of PocketStudio

18 décembre 2018
15h - 18h

General information about the lecture Title of lecture: The power of real-time collaborative filmmaking Abstract of the lecture: PocketStudio is designed to allow filmmakers to easily create, play, and stream 3D animation sequences in real time using real-time collaborative editing, a unified workflow, and other real-time technologies, such as augmented reality. In this leture, we will give a live demo of PocketStudio and speak about the benefits of this technology.

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Title of workshop:

Create a short movie with others in real-time and watch it live on your phone!
Abstract of the workshop: PocketStudio is the first digital content creation tool allowing several users to work together on the same 3D animation project and see each other's changes with real-time feedback. A sort of Google Docs applied to the creation of movies. In this workshop you will have a chance to explore how it feels to create movies with others in real-time using PocketStudio authoring app and augmented reality.

par Jean-Colas PRUNIER



Jean-Colas has over 25 years of experience in the animation industry and digital special effects. Over the past 3 years Jean-Colas has been working on the development of real-time software for the production of movie content. He is the founder of PocketStudio

About PocketStudio

The startup behind the development of PocketStudio was founded by VFX and animation veteran Jean-Colas Prunier in August 2017. PocketStudio is under development and will be released as a commercial solution in 2019.