Creating a post-brexit dystopia in Not Tonight.

Tim CONSTANT Founder / Creative Director

18 décembre 2018
18h - 19h

In the game Not Tonight we created a post-brexit 2D dystopian vision of Britain. This lecture looks at the development of Not Tonight from the background and influences of the team to post-launch hindsight; What worked worked well? can games with a political message sell? and what resonated emotionally with the players? par Tim CONSTANT


Born and raised in Somerset, England. After over twelve years in the tech industry Tim Constant gave into his creative desires and founded the micro-games studio PanicBarn. The initial focus was on mobile gaming; Tiki Taka Soccer and Tiki Taka World Soccer were released. A move into his beloved PC gaming space was next with Not Tonight. A post-Brexit dystopian adventure out now on PC and arriving on consoles in February 2019.

About PanicBarn

PanicBarn was founded in 2014 by Tim Constant. The desire was to create games with a focus on progression and enjoyable core mechanics regardless of platform. Tiki Taka Soccer, Tiki Taka World Soccer, Not Tonight and Peck it Up are the current portfolio. An unannounced soccer game is next.