Designing, Writing and Playtesting Social Impact Games

MALER Elizabeth CEO

19 décembre 2018
14h30 - 15h30

In this talk, Elizabeth presents her innovative ways of designing, writing and playtesting social impact games, and gives advice on how to ensure their impact. She also discusses our responsibility as artists to think about the messages we propagate with our games and how to ensure the best possible representation of the people we want to talk about. par MALER Elizabeth

Abiding Bridge


Elizabeth Maler is a Games User Research specialist and video game author. She worked in Montreal in Canada as a producer and a Game User Researcher on indie games before becoming head of a playtesting lab in France. Over the years, she has helped dozens of indies all along their development cycle take user feedback into account and launch successful games. After creating the company Accidental Queens and releasing the two award-winning games “A Normal Lost Phone” and its spiritual successor “Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story”, she left to create a new company, Abiding Bridge. She has been involved in several organizations advocating for minorities representation and women empowerment in and out of the video game industry.

About Abiding Bridge

: Abiding Bridge helps small innovative video game projects get out on the market while training their originators in business creation and copyright management. It is an incubator for teams who wish to create a game while not having to go through the hassle of starting a company.