Gnog : Post-mortem and indie tips

Samuel Boucher - Creator and Artist on at KO_OP

17 décembre 2019
15h - 15h45

Being part of a videogame co-op with a few friends and lots of creative freedom can be appealing and rewarding. But it also involves a lot of ups and downs and making an absurd amount of important decisions. In this talk i'll be covering the enriching and also difficult experience of shipping GNOG on almost all platforms and how, somehow, we survived the journey.

Samuel Boucher works at KO_OP, a Montréal cooperative studio. He is a graphist and was a Creator and Artist on GNOG. He also worked on several other projects like Puzzle Axe or game jam projects, and today he’s working with KO_OP on Winding Worlds (a 2D Game on Apple Arcade).