Think Like a VFX Artist

Sarah Carmody - Senior FX artist at Blizzard Entertainment

17 décembre 2019
14h - 14h45

Go behind the scenes on the creative process for VFX on World of Warcraft and what it's like to be a professional VFX artist. We'll talk about how we developed our painterly style, how we maintain quality, and how we think up brand new magic. We'll also go in depth on what makes a good effect, how to improve your craft, and tips for excelling in a creative industry.

Sarah Carmody is an American VFX artist. She began as an animator at Sony Imageworks, then transitioned into VFX while working at Zindagi Games. In 2015, she joined the World of Warcraft team at Blizzard Entertainment, first focusing on player abilities and later on developing new magic kits. Currently, she is the FX Art Supervisor, working with the art department leadership to drive the art style forward.